PVC Joinery Amileo

The company for the production of PVC and aluminum joinery "AMILEO" was founded in 2001. The company started as a small family business, and has grown over the years to the top quality brand in the field of PVC joinery production.

PVC joinery is produced out of a firm, high-quality PVC profile by the German manufacturer Salamander, who, because of the best quality and design, provides a satisfaction guarantee to the final customer. Customer satisfaction stems from the fact that the work of PVC joinery Amileo is mostly based on the recommendations of satisfied customers. Also, the top-quality product includes the best service which is offered in the form of consultation, development of the best possible solutions, delivery within a given period, long-term material, and finally - quick and clean dismantling and installation.

In 2008, PVC joinery moved to a new, modern manufacturing and sales plant in which PVC windows and doors are produced by the computer-controlled lines. The new manufacturing tract consists of 1.348 m², out of which the productive space is 1.180 m², while the exhibition and sales area covers 200 m². As a result of the continued development and specialization in the field of PVC joinery production, Amileo joinery has become one of the best equipped factories in Croatia.