PVC joinery production

Description of the PVC joinery production

The process of the PVC joinery Amileo production starts with managing the work orders through computer software, and processing these work orders on the computer-controlled lines. The profile is cut out according to the dimensions previously imported into computer software.

In that way, the possibility of making mistakes during data transmission from the moment a work order has been managed to the moment of the final production of windows or doors is avoided. Also, the waste emerged during the cutting process is reduced, and the maximum precision in product processing can be accomplished.

The profiles cut in such a way are sent to a processing center where the iron constructions which make them firm and solid are inserted into them. This is where the places for fittings, roller shutters and water holes are marked.

The positioning of the holes is machine-operated according to pre-entered parameters into the computer. In this way a worker is not bothered with the positioning of these holes, and so the errors in the process of production are reduced.

The profiles processed in that way are put onto a computer two-headed welding machine, where one hundred percent surface contact is accomplished while welding. It guarantees the optimum relationship between sash and frame.

The production process ends with fine processing of the profile during which composed windows and doors are put onto the cleaning machine and then the profile corners are processed. The profiles processed in that way go into the skilled hands of Amileo workers who put the fetters onto doors or windows. The fitting process is followed by the glazing of the product and completion of the production process.

Windows or doors made that way are ready for loading and shipping based on the received orders. Each product is made according to the initial measurements, and represents a unique copy designed according to the measurements desired by customers.