PVC profile

PVC joinery Amileo uses materials of the German profile manufacturer Salamander. The products made of the Salamander profile can be divided into two categories: SALAMANDER 3D & SALAMANDER SL. Salamander 3D is a profile system with three seals and five chambers. The total width of 76 mm allows a larger space between the chambers which provides greater isolation characteristics.

Salamander 3D profile is characterized by its superior quality, design and massiveness. With a thickness of 76 mm it represents one of the most massive profiles on the market. Salamander profile manufacturers are known for their innovations in the world of PVC profiles, as well as for setting high standards in quality and design.

Salamander SL is a profile system with two seals and five chambers. The total width of the profile is also 76 mm. The difference between Salamander 3D and the Streamline profile is in one seal in the 3D profile, but also in the fact that Streamline and the 3D profile differ in design. Streamline design is characterized by lines, whereas 3D consists of curved lines. With their quality and design, both of them provide high isolation properties.