PVC windows

Windows are made of various shapes and sizes, with or without blinds. If Amileo enterprize conducts installation of PVC joinery, prior to production, that is, a deal, it's necessarily to make measures of Your object. Windows can be made according to your wishes or according to prior defined norms. Important point about the window, except for the sort of the profile and properties mentioned before, is glazing. We can offer glazing with ISO glass from 2x4mm or some other sort of glass, all by appointment.

Sort of glass that's mounted on the window ca in a big way contribute to energy saving in Your home, so it should be taken into serious consideration. Under the window, PVC joinery Amileo installs hinges, that is, sills which enable proper mounting of the outer and inner hinges. Sills can be tuck under the window which prohibits the rain that pours down the window to eneter the walls of Your house. Out of the offer, PVC joinery Amileo can select white inner PVC sills, or color of syntetic marble and white outer aluminum sills. From all of the above, you may conclude that by choosing PVC joinery Amileo for production of Your PVC windows, you will get the product that will fulfill all of your needs and desires.